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Fast Food in America

Like many other countries, the United States offers a wide variety of restaurants. While American cuisine is more like a melting pot of foods from many different cultures rather than just hamburgers and fries, this article will discuss fast food.

What many people think of when they hear America is fast food. They would be correct as America is home to the world’s largest fast food industry.

All across the country, America has many different fast food restaurant chains. However, McDonald’s indisputably remains the most famous and successful fast-food chains with well over ten thousand restaurants in the United States alone. McDonald’s made items such as the “Big Mac”, “McNugget”, “Happy Meal” popular around the world.

However, other fast food chains such as Taco Bell also have lots of satisfying meals for an inexpensive price with items such as the “Doritos Locos Tacos” and “Supreme Crunchwrap”.

Although all fast food restaurants vary with the items on their menu, there is always one thing they have in common: soda machines. These machines are almost always self-serve, meaning that the cashier will give you a cup if you bought a drink, and you serve yourself with the machine. Although there will be many options to choose from, you will get funny looks if you mix all the sodas together into one cup.

Also as quintessential as soda are the different sauce options, which are also usually self-serve. There will almost always be ketchup, the iconic red sauce; mustard, the bright yellow sauce; and sometimes barbecue (BBQ), the dark brown sauce.

Although it may be tempting to have fast food every day since it is convenient, inexpensive, and satisfying, the consensus is that fast food is not only high in sugar, salt, and various fats, but can also lead to long-term health problems


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