Los Angeles Metro Gold Line train on East 1st Street in July 2017

Getting Around: Transit Maps

A map is something that people use to help them find where they are going. A transit map is a specific kind of map that people use to navigate public transportation. On transit maps, you can find things like bus lines, train lines, bus stops, and train stops.

If you are in a big city like New York or Los Angeles, these transit maps can be very confusing since they have a lot of information on them. It is important to take time to read the maps and understand them so you don’t get lost.

Transit maps have different colors and symbols that show different things. For example, a circle or square might mean there is a station. If there is a color or symbol on the map that you don’t know, you can check it in a legend. Legends explain the different colors and symbols on a map.

If we look at the legend of the Los Angeles transit map, we can learn that the blue line is the A Line. We can also learn which stations are transfer stations.

Transfer stations are stations where there is more than one line. You can change buses and/or trains here.

Even though maps are detailed, they don’t tell us everything. The L.A. map doesn’t tell us the fare. We need to research that somewhere else so we’re prepared.


transit mapmapa de tránsito
public transportationtransporte público
transfer stationestación de transferencia
to researchinvestigar


Cover Image: Pi.1415926535 (CC BY-SA 3.0 license)

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