Halloween is a day in where people, especially children, dress up in a costume then go trick-or-treating for candy. Halloween is on October 31 every year.

The tradition of Halloween started a long time ago in Europe. Halloween was brought to the United States by immigrants from Ireland in the 19th century. This day has become a mainstay of American culture and is something that many people look forward to every year.

On Halloween, people dress up in costumes. Costumes can be anything. Some people dress up as animals like cats and dogs while some people dress up as their favorite book or movie character. Yet, there are also costumes of things like food.

There are many celebrations and parties on Halloween. Most of these festivities happen on Halloween night. A big thing people do on Halloween night is to go trick-or-treating wearing their costumes. Trick-or-treating is when people go around to different houses and get candy or other treats. Many people decorate their houses with Halloween items like pumpkins (jack-o-lanterns).

There are many fun things to do on Halloween. Regardless of how people celebrate the day, everyone has a good time.


costumeel disfraz
candyel dulce
mainstayel pilar
celebrationla celebración
partyla fiesta
festivitieslas festividades
trick-or-treatingrecolecta de dulces de Halloween
pumpkinla calabaza


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