Jack Guan

Executive Director

Jack is a high school junior from California. He is passionate about politics, global affairs, youth activism, and movements for social change. He hopes to major in international relations and public policy in college. At Nativr, he is responsible for coordinating between the different teams.

Alex Xie

Curriculum Team Contributor

Alex Xie is currently a junior in high school and is able to speak Chinese and English. He is on the varsity football and soccer team and is looking to attend NYU Tisch for game design. In his free time, he enjoys drawing, reading, playing video games, and watching TV.

Angelly Posso

Curriculum Team Contributor

Angelly is a responsible and devoted high school freshman who recently joined the Nativr program. She is passionate about the medical field and aspires to be a doctor in the future. She is bilingual and is currently working on becoming fluent in American Sign Language. She speaks both Spanish and English fluently. Her dream college is Harvard.

Anniysh Sivakumar

Audio/Video Team Contributor

Anniysh Sivakumar is a 16 year old from California. His hobbies mostly pertain to the arts, such as dancing, singing, and painting. Other than English Anniysh knows Spanish and Tamil.

Arvind Upadhya

Audio/Video Team Contributor

Arvind is very interested in studying finance in college. His favorite hobbies consist of playing sports, hanging out with friends, and fixing iPhones. He speaks fluently in English and Kannada. Most importantly, he loves impacting society in a positive way. 

Avik Ghosh

Curriculum Team Director

In college, he wants to study Physics or Engineering. They just seem really fun, and they think it’s really cool to be able to say they know a lot about the universe. Some of his hobbies are reading, educational YouTube videos, learning languages (If he ever finds the time to), and listening to music. He speaks Bengali, English, some Spanish, and he’s learning a bit of Korean right now.

Claire Caparros

Operations Team Contributor

Claire works on the Operations team at Nativr. She joined Nativr to help other people with English! She knows how important it is to learn a different language, and being bilingual is such a really amazing skill that is very useful. She understands Tagalog herself. She enjoys reading, TV shows, and a variety of music—especially theatre. She has seen a show on Broadway before. She doesn’t know what to do in the future yet… but hopes it’ll come to her soon. Hopefully, this will help!

Deeksha Cirigadi

Outreach Team Contributor

Deeksha is a creatively driven person who is involved in her school band and choir, along with several local and national organizations advocating for different political and social issues. She is extremely passionate about helping others and hopes to reach many people through her volunteer work and other endeavors. If she has free time, she likes to spend that time drawing, singing, composing, or designing anything digitally.

Destiny Garcia

Translations Team Contributor

Destiny is a third year high school student who wants to make a difference in the world by helping others. Her goal is to study medicine and become a Physician. Her hobbies include figure skating, writing, and Boxing. She is a fluent English and Spanish speaker who is ready to help you!

Evaristo Mateo

Translations Team Director

Evaristo Mateo is currently a high school Senior from Norwalk, CA. He strives to help others and hopes to one day serve his community as a Nurse Practitioner.  In his free time he enjoys playing  acoustic guitar, immersing himself in landscape photography, as well as spending time with his family and friends.

Grace Louie

Outreach Team Contributor

Grace Louie enjoys reading and watching too much TV. Grace loves to travel and can’t wait to be able to travel again. Grace wants to study psychology in college! Grace can only speak English but is taking Japanese in school! Grace’s favorite number is 7.5!

Neha Ponnamineni

Curriculum Team Contributor

Neha is currently a junior in highschool and she is interested in going into a science related major during college and pursuing a related career in the future. Along with that her hobbies are Art and Dance. A random fun fact about her is that she is fluent in 4 languages.

Trieu Vy Pham

Content Team Contributor 

Trieu would like to say that she is excited and is looking forward to being a part of the Nativr team! In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, talking with friends, or just bumming it out whether it means watching Youtube all day or sleeping. In the future, she plans to go into the medical career path while also continuing to do work for others!

Vanessa Bermudez

Operations Team Director

Vanessa Bermudez is a sophomore at Ridge Point High school who plans on studying business in college. Her native language is English and right now she is studying Spanish. She enjoys working on the technical side of theater and making puzzles in her free time.


The audio/video team works to create videos for Nativr lessons.


The content team creates content for the Nativr blog.


The curriculum team plans and creates Nativr lessons.


The operations team provides logistical support at Nativr.


The outreach team creates content for Nativr social media accounts.


The translations team translates content at Nativr.