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How do I use Nativr?

You can start learning with Nativr here. While we strongly recommend that you create a free account to track your progress, all of our lessons will be accessible without the need to log in.

As you progress through our lessons, you will be able to fill in the boxes to the left of every lesson title on the course page. You can un-fill the boxes as well. This is only possible if you are logged in to your Nativr account.

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please use the tips for each lesson that you can find on the course page. If those tips don’t answer your issue/question, reach out to us here.

Is Nativr free?

Yes. Nativr is 100% free to use and learn from. We also do not run ads on the website so you can learn without distractions.

What languages does Nativr teach in?

Nativr currently teaches only in Spanish. We are working to add more languages to the platform.

Who runs Nativr?

Nativr is a student-led initiative. Check out the team here.